Day 1– in the white room

One of the trippiest things about going on vacation is when you actually realize you are on vacation.   You get this feeling of liquid release.    Some go on vacation to relax.   Myself, I’m kinda spending time sorting things out.  Getting my first service award from work made me realize where I was in life.    But like Travolta as Chili Palmer said in ‘Be Cool’ when asked what to do with the remains of his friend,
he replied ‘Nothing that would make sense.’    That’s why a lot what I want to do for my birthday vacation wouldn’t make sense to others.

I’m at an age where I am still young enough to enjoy life, yet old enough to realize that it may be time to pack some stuff away.
Especially after long days when that one freaking ache just doesn’t want to quit unless I achieve some form of yoga position that would make porn stars blush.

I spent last night prepping by wiping and scrubbing all my devices.
Usually do it twice a year, my birthday and Winter Solstice. 
But this way, clean slate.   Only took 15 minutes too.

So, here’s my list:

  • Celebrate my birthday. 
  • Take a crack at some bucket list items.
  • Roll out and visit people
  • Journal every day at least 5 lines.

Did some apartment cleaning and relaxing for Day 1.   Figure it would be a good idea.


If you want to make a donation/birthday gift, you can do it here.  Thank you!


Refresh Day!

Yep, Refresh Day.

Went back over four years of posts on here, reliving moments and tasting emotions that were pretty awesome for the time.
Then I lit the virtual candle and let them go. I wanted my space back.

So, now what?

Well, I have a ridiculous number of projects in the Lab and Studio. I spent most of today cleaning up pages of code and settings in order to
prepare. Amazing how much stuff seems like a good idea at the time I did it. Also cool finding notes in the code for ideas and
thoughts on things I never full fleshed out. Probably another day retooling the strategy I will be going with.

The Facebook and Twitter channels will keep going as they are. I’m working on two small projects in the Studio now for release to get warmed up.
After that, I’ll launch my new campaign.

Have a beautiful time!