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Why Virus Scanners suck by themselves…

So I finally decided to end my experiment tonight with getting infected like a normal user and attempting to clean up using the tools most people could find on the internet.  I wanted to see if it was actually doable by doing things off the shelf.   Pretty much, the answer is no.   If you have your files backed up already and have a protected image, just spend the 15 minutes restoring the clean image and continue on.

But before I nuked this little guy officially, I decided to throw it through analysis to see what the virus scanners picked it up as.  Imagine my surprise that out of 52 scanners, only 7 perceived it as a threat.
However, that said, I have no way to tell if these are free versions, professional or paid versions.
Still, even if you were hip with the AV lingo, you’d be SOL with the big three (McAfee, Norton, BitDefender) that most department stores flog.   Makes you question your privacy protection, too.
Even SuperAntispyware failed.

I’d have to disagree with Avast! tho.   It *saw* something, but didn’t clean it.

Malwarebytes did the trick, but I literally had to stick it’s nose into the directory to clean it.
This new free version isn’t as cool as the old one.   Strangely, Spybot S&D is no longer on the list.

So remember, use your computer as a work bench, not a filing cabinet.  You should have a back up and filing system at all time.   Change your password semi-regular or if you have doubt.

Remember, BE AWARE.




















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